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Gym Instructor


Gym Rules

Welcome to Fitness 19! To ensure a positive and safe environment for all members, we request your cooperation in following our code of conduct:


**1. Respect for Others**

   - Treat fellow members, staff, and guests with respect and consideration.

   - Refrain from behavior that may disturb or offend others.

   - Maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the gym.


**2. Equipment and Facilities**

   - Use gym equipment responsibly and follow staff instructions.

   - When handling weights, ensure proper form and control to prevent accidents.

   - Use the provided towels to wipe down equipment after use; avoid directly spraying equipment.

   - Safely return all equipment to its designated place after use.


**3. Swearing and Language**

   - Swearing or using offensive language is not allowed within the gym premises.


**4. Safety First**

   - Prioritize safety by using equipment as intended and following safety guidelines.

   - Seek guidance from staff if unsure about proper equipment usage.

   - Promptly report any malfunctioning equipment to staff.



**5. Hygiene Standards**

   - Wear appropriate workout attire and ensure shoes are clean; dirty shoes are not allowed within the gym premises.

   - Use a towel while exercising and sanitize equipment after use.



**6. Personal Belongings**

   - Utilize lockers for personal belongings and avoid leaving valuables unattended.

   - Lost and found items will remain on the premises for no more than 30 days

   - Fitness 19 is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


**7. Membership Access**

   - Adhere to membership policies, including check-in procedures and gym hours.

   - Members must have an up-to-date photo in the gym database for access to the club.

   - Notify staff promptly about any changes in membership information.


**8. Guest Policies**

   - All guests must register at the front desk upon their arrival

   - Minors accessing the club must be over the age of 12

**9. Gym Etiquette**

   - Rerack weights after use

   - No photos in the locker rooms

   - Refrain from displays of public affection

   - No chewing gum or food allowed 

   - Dry chalk is not allowed

   - Don't drop your weights

   - No loitering on equipment


**10. Enforcement**

   - Non-compliance with the code of conduct may result in warnings, suspension, or termination of Fitness 19 membership at the discretion of the management.

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